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Building an email list should be priority #1 for your online business. Using Optin Agent to turn visitors into subscribers makes that job much easier with complete optin form kits and single forms.

Feature Boxes, sidebars, and post footers are the three hot spots for calling blog readers to action. Optin Agent focuses on those areas. Check it out →

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Let's Take a Closer Look at the Downloads

These files are included in every download at a minimum and are everything you need to get started.


The HTML file serves two purposes. When viewed in your browser, thorough instructions on how to install your forms are listed along with a helpful video. The HTML file, when opened in a text editor, also includes the HTML for the forms you purchased. The video will guide you through how to place your actual form in place of the demo form.


The CSS file is short and to the point. All CSS applies to the forms you've downloaded. If you purchase a form kit, the CSS is condensed to apply to all forms at the same time. After reading the instructions, you can simply copy and paste this CSS into your website's CSS file. Also, you are free to edit this CSS as you please to customize your forms.


The form or form kit you purchase will most likely use an image file or two. All images will be .png files. They're referenced in the CSS file with relative URLs. So, you will need to upload these images to your server, copy the URLs of the uploaded images, and place those URLs in your CSS file. No worries... the instructions are extremely thorough. ;)

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